Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Videography work

bc2tone - Lead videographer/director 
Antstrumental - Backup Cameraman
David Mackz - Cameraman in training
Champsosmooth - Assistance/ backup
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*The following content may not represent the views of bc2tone and the Partially Effective team, as most of these videos are commission shoots. 
Some videos were released on different Youtube pages.
Ordered by date released. 
*Videos may contain explicit language.*

"Ray Pearson - Radio Feat. Cool-D" (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2020]

"Griip2Brazy - Flatline on Broadway" (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2020]

"Tazo- Cold World" (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"Smorez - What's The Deal" (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"J ViLL - Timeless Flow" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"Newp - Freestyle Music Video" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"280Rocco - Elegant Aftanoon" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"Goody - Be Like That" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"King Griffey - The Beginning (Exit 145)" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"Smiffson - Ninja Crazy/ I Want it All" (Double Feature) (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

The Angry Pirates Live Show - (No edits/No Filter) 
(Shot by @bc2tone) (Complimentary Shoot) [2019]

"Haze Heffner - Behind the Scenes Vlog/Performances" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) (NSFW: Explicit Content) [2019]

"Schooch - "199th Pick" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

"Vibes In The City: DC Road Trip" Vlog (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Smorez - "Pop Sh##" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Goody - "Nothing Was The Same" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Yung T - "Dreaming Live" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Tookah Da Don - "Goosebumps Freestyle" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019] [Props used in video]

280 Rocco - "4 Da Fam" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Tookah Da Don - "Quick Bars" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

250 Nella - "Never Ever Hated" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Lady Don - "Turn Up The Music (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Smorez - "Bigger Picture" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Mia Berry - "Bandwagon" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Rob Spaz - "Waiting" (Directed, shot, and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

NELLA - Freestyle (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) 30 Minute/Last Minute Shoot! (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Jay Sixx - 6story (Shot and Edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot)  [2019]

Partial: A Newark, NJ Story Episodes 1 & 2 (Prototypes)

(Written/Directed/Edited by @bc2tone) 
(Filmed by @bc2tone @antstrumental & @DavidMackz) 
[2019 - In House Content] Have your own show shot!

Celebrity Fix N Flip Seminar with Special Guest, Styles P. Filmed and edited by @bc2tone/ Tripod shots by @DavidMackz (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Euphony Live Performance. Freehand filmed by @bc2tone. (Complimentary Shoot) [2019]

LM Eazii Live Performance. Filmed with Crane V2 by @bc2tone (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Facecadet live at Vibes in the City. Filmed and edited by @bc2tone [2019]

Vibes in The City 3rd Year Anniversary. Pieced with an automated editor. Filmed by @bc2tone and @davidmackz [2019]

LM Eazii Rehearsal (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2019] Jayy Sixx - Talk to Me (Directed, shot, and edited by @bc2tone. Co-shot with @davidmackz) (Commission Shoot) [2019]

Monstaa B & Will Forrest - No Look Pass (Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone) (Complimentary Shoot) (@DavidMackz film credit: close up table shot) [2018]

Bittlez - No Look Pass (Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone) (Commission Shoot) [2018]

Champsosmooth Ft. Goody - Bad Energy (Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone)

(Contest Prize Shoot)  [2018]

COVERBOYTTG - 22WARNINGS (Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

PEASER Ft. COVERBOYTTG - Clouds (Directed, Shot, and Edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Leah - Come Vibe (Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Champsosmooth - Goddess (Shot and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Beat Review Podcast: Interview and Performance by Yayo the Drummer (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Seven - Back Home (Shot, directed, and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Yung T Ft. Mr IBC - Save Me (Shot and Edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Yungg Lee- Regular (Shot and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Peedi Crakk Interview Beat Review Special Edition (Shot and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

bc2tone - "Tombstone" (Shot by @Antstrumental) (Directed Edited by @bc2tone) (Partially Effective Content) [2018]

Bittlez - "Who Run It Freestyle" (Shot and edited by @bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Full Length Podcast for Nick Gilli and Young Newp's Beat Review Episode 5 at Milkboy The Studio in Philadelphia, PA (Shot and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Podcast filmed for Nick Gilli and Young Newp's Beat Review Podcast (Shot and edited by bc2tone) (Commission) [2018]

Instagram Trailer for the Beat Review Podcast Seen Above [2018]

The song was recorded and filmed in Partially Effective's studio. The song was recorded/mixed and filmed in only one hour! Talk about using time effectively... Shot, directed, and edited by bc2tone. Check it out. [2018] (Commission)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone (2017) (Commission)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone (Includes Drone Shot) (2017) (Commission)

In Studio Highlights Video - Shot and post edited by bc2tone then filtered with an additional app. (2017)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone (2017) (Commission)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone (2016) (Commission)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone (2016) (Commission)

Promo #1 edited by bc2tone

Shot and edited by bc2tone (Commission) (2015)

Edited by bc2tone Shot by Jose (2015) (Partially Effective Content)

Live footage shot by Jose L., Musice video footage by Jose L. and Derek T., edited and narrated by bc2tone (2016) (Partially Effective Content)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone "Bar Pong Video" High Level Society (2014)

[Have since upgraded, but enjoy bc2tone's first gig] (Commission)

Directed, shot, and edited by bc2tone "Birthday Party/Bar Ad" (2014) (Commission)

Above are 4 photos of bc2tone in filming action.